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Endometriosis solutions

Stop doing what everyone else is telling you
(it probably is not working anyway)

Use this Easy, Natural,
Safe and Effective Method


“You CAN Lose Most, If Not All, Endometriosis related problems within weeks !”

It’s so simple, it’s embarrassing … you’ll see!
Once you follow this clinically proven,
5 easy simple natural steps
to living pain free as a woman,
to not be ruled by ‘times of the month’
and likely restore your natural fertility.
You’ll be amazed at how fast
You will be a happy woman again

(I am so astonished that everyone doesn’t know this!!)

How do we unlock the secret of easy periods?
By following nature!

How so simple?
Bodies heal themselves – when we let them!
We reverse why the problems happen.
Pain is a warning. Potential trouble ahead!!

So we fix the causes!!
(HINT – It is NOT your ‘hormones’)



If you have not found answers (as to why even you HAVE endo) or permanent relief
in the orthodox medical systems’ approaches, perhaps wonder . . .

will a
easy-for-everyone-to-help-themselves programme

be part of my answer?

Then all is well – easy periods – easy sexuality
– easy fertility and a happy life follows

The life disruption that just being a woman has got to stop!!
The answers are in front of us – if we look – it is so simple.



Some of what you will learn

  • Treat the cause (why it is there), not the symptoms (what is happening to you).
  • Find out what your body is telling you by growing endo/any other woman’s problem’.
  • Learn what you can do to reverse out of it.
  • Discover why medical science can never ‘cure’ you.
  • How not to be ruled by your hormones

Sound too easy?? (It is)
but not following what is out there –

We may need to go back to natural women’s business
being a woman is not a medical solution




  • Why you never need to worry about period/women’s health problems again – as you will have the keys to living in  a well body. Also see what sets it off as warnings.  Trying to get your attention up until now has not worked – as you have not seen this as a cry for help.
  • Likely causes of your woman’s problems (it is not being a woman having woman’s hormones).
  • What broke you as a woman (and how to undo this).
  • What to avoid if you want to have an easy life as a woman.
  • What to do to go back to perfect again (you now know what is happening, why, and what to do to help yourself).
  • Why most who have endometriosis will not experience lasting relief, and how you can avoid being one of them…
  • Little known secrets to being endometriosis free – to have easy bleeding, wonderful sexuality, and natural fertility, healthy, successful pregnancies, and a happy life.
  • Why all the allied gut and emotional and structural problems all come with endometriosis – and how you can resolve them easily, naturally
  • 5 home based steps to being endometriosis free within a few short months – and be much more comfortable almost immediately.
  • All simple, easy, time tested and totally natural
  • PLUS – many more proven hints, tips and ideas for you …
  • Change your body from the inside – go back to the easy bleeding, easy fertility, easy pregnancy, easy maternity blueprint all carry.

From: Heather Bruce, Your Natural Health Coach, and the Natural Fertility Detective
I show you how to be naturally happy as a woman, losing all your past excessive bleeding and associated abdominal, back, pelvic girdle and other structural aches and pain.

Sounds too good to be true? It is also
so incredibly easy!!

Are you sure that you have to put up with all this pain and life disruption just because you are a woman?

Why is it all getting worse as you get older/have more medical interventions – that seem to not work?

Why is it that some women are crippled with endometriosis and some have none at all?

Are you even sure that having endometriosis even has to happen to anyone?

Or that as your relations have had it diagnosed it is your lot in life also??

All questions answered!

You have finally reached the right place to start your journey to personal Wellness as a woman!

… Not tomorrow
… and NOT in 12 days or weeks’ time…



Everyone may have said – “it is just what being a woman is all about”
And ‘go on the pill/stop your bleeding – you don’t need to bleed“
Even – chop it out (uterus)

You may think
“what if the endometriosis spread and takes over all of my body?

What if I can’t even sit down comfortably for the pain?”

And all the while you are struggling
and feeling frustrated, you hurt
and are scared:

Is this you?

  • feeling desperation seeping in as you can’t even sleep as this drama follows you everywhere, peaking monthly
  • never feeling well, wondering how you will cope
  • gradually giving up all the things you like to do, as it hurts too much being in your body
  • feeling hopeless as the next month comes closer.
  • Not being able to pee let alone enjoy sex?
  • worrying about the effect this is having on your possibility of ever having children
  • Concerned about even getting through the next period if off the medication to ‘try’ to get pregnant.
  • Hoping that the next bright idea from the doctor or natural health provider will work.

You may have been all around the different body workers and the medical specialists ¬- and they all have the same songbook ¬ “it is just what happens when you are a woman”.

I suggest that you think

“what about throwing that book out, and finding the one that gives me the answers?’

Simple quick, easy and entirely
naturally Right here.

Not a rehash of what you have found on the myriad sites online

. . . Entirely different. Especially as it works.

Like a broken record you have heard from others so far:

“This is to be expected as you are a woman, your mother had it/sisters/cousins all are afflicted”
. . . but really – why is there even pain at all?

You may wonder,

Has anyone thought this through?

Very good question – needs an answer.

I have.

As a natural health care professional who has nearly 40 years working with women and their cycles

I found the easy answers decades ago – and through an apparently unorthodox route

I just followed what was working in my clinic.

I then applied it to all I saw – and it worked on everyone.

Imagine that!!!!”
and yet still people may say to you even
“There’s no chance, so don’t even try!”

To be honest, it can be pretty discouraging when no one knows what to do and although you keep asking
– all are saying the same things.

I can see why you may believe what all the others say.
There is safety in numbers – but there are options
– maybe listen to someone who thinks very differently;

Who asks different questions?

Starting with:

“Why is there pain”?

Ask Your Health Coach/The Natural Fertility Detective.

Stop all medical monitoring, stop the pain management ¬- and live well!!
Find out what your body is saying
– listen and all will return to normal – often even better than you have ever been before
– let nature heal you.

Simple, natural solutions.

How so?

It is my nature to always go in a different direction to others.

When someone says ‘impossible’

– I wonder why no one else stopped and looked at why endometriosis was even there.

– Too obvious

– Look to undo the problem, not keep it going

Having invested my life in my natural therapies clinic, with many hundreds of thousands of dollars for ongoing education happily spent delving into all sorts of apparently odd areas, I know that here is nothing as simple and effective out there as what I am offering here. Through acupuncture, Western and Chinese herbalism, naturopathy, Reiki and vibrational essences and Aura Soma, to Maya/Arvigo and Mercier therapies . . and investigating my own styles incorporating all of these – and out the other side to start sharing what is now so easy to me – Making Friends with your body and periods . .



I have here your answers,
(to probably even more questions than you are asking)

Listening to patients coming in with their stories

– often going back many years

– and with me also researching online,

I have been horrified as the waste of quality of life continues.

I know that what I have here is not found elsewhere.

When we fix the underlying issues the body
heals itself – back to fertile!!

From the start of my periods, I had had terrible mood swings and shocking period pain with gut/abdominal distress. I had done everything medical and nothing worked for me. I followed the few simple, life suggestions Heather gave me. I almost instantly felt happier. I went from a moody stranger two weeks of the month and being ‘difficult’ the rest, suffering through days of bad pain when bleeding, to being a happy, easily pregnant woman as soon as I married. No more period troubles! Susan 21 NZ
“I needed massive help post surgery (3 lots) as I was in such a mess. Infections,adhesions, and the same problems were back again – with these additions! Although for several years my condition had been worsening, I had everything to gain by following all that Heather suggested. When I was totally cured (this took 2 years – it was amazing to feel happy again!! To enjoy, not just tolerate sex. I got pregnant on our honeymooon. Of course I had been told that even with IVF this was unlikely. Our daughter was also conceived quickly. Four years later,the endo return has been mild, and totally manageable by going back to all that resolved it initially”. Melany, 35 NZ

Why is no one asking the obvious
– why is the pain/trauma as a woman there?

If we knew that, we can then undo what is happening.

Then the pain/trauma/over bleeding is gone. Surely??

Do not kill the pain, but get rid of why this warning message is still popping up . .

Clue – it is NOT your hormones – they are just messengers.

Crazy!! Too simple!!

With this program you can:

  • get your life back
  • feel fantastic as you can now sleep properly
  • have a quality of life you may only have dreamed of no menstrual issues at all!!
  • renew your well being
  • be symptom free

The best part? …

Once you know how…

all it takes is a few weeks, and you following these 5 easy simple natural steps.

“I had suffered with shocking all my life period problems. An endo disaster – from my first period – horrendous pain. After years of trouble, I married, still in a mess monthly. All through the month I was troubled with painful sex, candida and horrible moods. Desperate for children, and no hearing my husband was making no sperm at all – we were devastated. With massive natural therapies interventions, he turned this around, whilst I was also working on my own life. This was all we focused on – we were not going to be parents (even with IVF) unless we did. No sperm being made initially – and my diabolical endo. Once we were both in a healthier more fertile state we went through IVF and easily cnceived. All endo gone!!! Now happy parents of two. My periods are only a problem if I do not follow what I was told would help them”. Lizzie 31, Bne

All that is in this eBook works.

I now teach other practitioners how to get these same results.

Whilst no one seems to have thought of this before – everyone who tries it says it works.

They, and you, will get the same results – nothing special about me doing this.

  • Why is it so simple?
  • You can heal yourself.
  • Your body does not need you to keep hurting.
  • You may not find answers with those whose business it is to keep tending you.



Crazy, right?
But not surprising…
This can help so many people!

Not just those who see me in my
clinic – but everyone!

If any woman you know is also spending a considerable amount on trying to change what their doctors seem not to – you can hand this programme over for them to also – transform their lives! Especially if they have come to the end of the medical road.

What next?

What would have fixed it all had they started with natural . . .

“I had an outrageous start to being a woman – bleeding profusely and very painfully at 9 ½ and having DD sized breasts at 10 years old. Chldhood gone. Lived a life of total misery and pain from the then, as between the massive bleeding, the terrible pain, the countless operations, endo groiwng into my bladder and up my spine, and no one being able to correct it permanently, each intervention did not work and all that pain in surgery and hopes gone!! Taking everything out seemed to be my only solution by the age of 25. I suffered through miscarriages and stillbirths. Until I discovered what was so distressing my body. Heather’s simple natural easy solutions saved me”. Julie 36 Brisbane
“My entire life from the very first period was ruled by random events and terror – what would happen next? No idea what was to hit me from one month to the next. Continual operations. Hopes dashed with all different medical interventions not working. Eventually I got everything taken out – and still had major hassles. Forget children, forget happiness as a woman and forget sex – I just wanted to be able to live without pain. The endo was out, but my life was still terrible. Using Heather’s methods, we worked out why, I changed what was needed, and I have not looked back. Life is so much easier. I am no longer ruled by my trying to control nature”. Rachel39, Auckland



Why wait? What is stopping you? Another day becomes another week and then – yet another period.
Why put up with a broken baby factory when it really is that easy to undo?
You can then live so much better on all counts.
Get out of surviving, taking medications and living with woe as a woman –
Act right now!!

then there are bonuses

Bonus #1  Mystery Bonus


A secret everyone knew in the past . .

Here we have the reason we are not all vibrantly healthy – not just as women – or when in pain .

I am leaving this as part of the mystery.

(You will see it when you start downloading).

And that brings us to today.

Right now you’re just a few minutes away from discovering how you can start to get results like these in breakneck speed time!

So let me show you how…

If you are over feeling frustrated and scared and want nothing more than to start feeling healthy as a woman and in your life, then listen carefully…

  • Isn’t it time you started looking into why this happened at all to you?
  • Listening to your body that is telling you¬, relentlessly that it is struggling, and needs help?

Perhaps – just perhaps . . . Your body can work as designed?

  • Stop listening to all who have the idea ¬that this is normal – and you need to get on with life ignoring the problems that you face daily?
  • Don’t believe that you just need to medicate against having a cycle
  • You are meant to bleed monthly.
  • If you can’t cope – there is a problem – the warning your body is giving out needs hearing.
  • Here are substantial negative effects on your life and future fertility by pretending a pill /whatever will turn it all off till you need it.



Surely there is a message in all of this?

There is:

Ditch the medical monitoring model and go back to a farming model.

What nutrients/ingredients for wellness, what resources are needed for your body to express properly, easily and painlessly??

You just need to do these few things at home.

Let me introduce the ultimate programme that simplifies the process of being a woman

And of easy fertility and having an easy pregnancy

(leading also to happy calm bub, and mum and an easy birth).


Endometriosis Solutions

Not just endometriosis – life gets simpler when it all works.

Pregnancy happens when /before you want it to when your body is well

“I saw Heather about a few health problems. When these were mostly corrected, she suggested that we would get no further unless I went off the pill. I had been told that IVF would only be my only option in baby making, we chose to assume that I was still infertile – my bad – by avoiding acting on contraception, we got pregnant that very next month!!!. I had underrated fixing endometriosis – it was not possible surely? Two sons followed in quick succession – as not only did I not have a period after going off the pill, we also got pregnant again before we intended with number 2! No more period hassles 8 years later”. Rebecca 28, Brisbane

Sound too good to be true?
Why not find out yourself???

So much to lose: the pain and gain your life back – naturally!!

“I was about to get my uterus out. After decades of pain and over bleeding and feeling constantly exhausted, I had had enough. Then I stumbled upon just one thing. It changed everything. Within 2 months!! Knowing just this one change – all my life transformed. No one had ever told me – who would have guessed? I was helping create this terrible problem was such a common habit. So simple!! I still have my bits, am happy”.. Rachel 47– Nelson

Here’s What You’ll Also Get
For Acting Fast…

Bonus #2 Living In It


The owner’s manual!

The one all forgot to give you when you arrived – here are the instructions to an easy body experience.

Covers how easy it is to live in a woman’s body – and what to do to get the most from the experience.

Simple, natural and easy solutions are obvious when you know how it all is to work.

Divided into three aspects –

  1. Honoring Our Source (caring for the seat of life – your food factory – your digestive system, what /how it runs and the crucial nature of the Blood energy– how to improve its quality, and what importance it is to all women.
  2. Honoring Our Bleeding explains women’s moon tide years.
  3. Honoring Our Selves – who, and what we really are – and how this has been shaped by being born woman

All when you click to get the main event –




Now you know how to be in that body as a woman – it so simple when you have the instructions!!

Why is being a woman so hard/painful?

Find out all in these books – secrets from my very successful clinic – and what is behind that which runs all of us.

Now you can’t be thinking that you “can’t afford it” – how are you going with no knowledge of what is causing your grief and what you are doing unconsciously to make it all worse? Ignorance is not bliss.

You see, with the positive potential this powerhouse program can have on your entire body, your growing baby and thus your life forever more ¬ why not see what is at your hands at home right now?

Turn being in your body as woman into being a simple and beautiful experience – naturally.

If you act quickly, you can benefit from the whole Endometriosis Solutions programme for just a tiny $47

Please click the buy button below to get started on your journey to a living in a healthy woman’s body.

Isn’t it time you finally enjoy being a woman, happily experiencing easy periods, easy sexuality and fertility whenever you wanted to use it??

With “Endometriosis Solutions” you don’t have to suffer any more

No need to worry about what is going wrong -¬ as it is now all going right.

When you join me in ‘Endometriosis Solutions’, you’ll finally be able to stop feeling scared or desperate as you feel so much more alive – and happy in the knowledge of how you are in charge – not hormones or disease processes – or even the chemical ‘solutions’ that have previously not worked anyway.

Now what better way to improve your life and reap so many rewards in just within minutes?

The information you’ll receive is worth many times the investment in being pain and hassle free
What to do right now to help yourself?. . .

Bonus #3 Honouring Our Bleeding – Menstrual Rescue


Easy, safe and effective ways to help not just your periods, your moods, and your baby making apparatus, but your life as a woman.

How you can drastically change your life – easily – by following the steps outlined in this practical inspirational package.

No matter what ‘diagnosis’ you have been given.

If it is upset and making its presence known – you are being given warnings – perhaps stop shutting them down – and listen.


Your body is designed to heal itself.
Find out how simply you can

And with my 100% money back guarantee, I honestly couldn’t make it any easier than that now could I?

So why don’t you give your body and your baby what they truly deserve?

So there you have it…

You see… People like us, you and I, we are too impatient to wait for long and slow outcomes, right?
So it goes without saying… If there’s a fast and safe way to get to your result ¬ without stress and hassle – then that’s the ONLY logical and obvious choice.

And that’s why I know the “Endometriosis Solutions” is the best solution for you right now if you’re determined to enjoy being a woman, losing all aches, pains bleeding catastrophes and not being able to trust your body to not mess with every aspect of your life – throw all this drama away and be free!!
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Here’s why you should take action right now…

It boils down to this…

If you leave this page and do nothing…

then you’ll be no better off

You’ll still be in pain, frustrated and scared about never being comfortable again, not sleeping well, being cranky on account of, and wondering what is happening to your insides as all those pain killers and stress mount up.

And I’m sure you’d agree… unless you find a solution soon, you’ll still be overwhelmed and confused about worrying about the effect this is having on your potential maybe never conceived children and all that desperation, correct?

That’s not what you want.

You are over having this story and trouble defining who you are.

You don’t want to be complaining about this in 6 weeks or 6 months, from now.

You don’t want to miss out on feeling as though you could do anything, that the time of the month doesn’t matter .

So many sensible women before you have succeeded in being naturally pain and endometriosis free… and so can you.

At some point they all faced the same decision you face now.

And that is. –

To take action – or not.

Doing something different can only give you different results.

So… to join the growing group of people who are now in charge of their lives ¬through knowing how to help themselves ¬ easily, naturally, and at home. Lose all hassles, aches, pains and trauma… simply click the order button right now.

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Let’s make it simple for you… Here’s the way I see it…

You have three choices:

  1. Continue to do what you are doing (or nothing at all) and hope & pray your situation will improve, somehow?
  2. Waste countless days, weeks, even months waiting for something to magically change (and not know what you are constantly doing to contribute to this unlikelihood), to relieve the pain and the overbleeding, exhaustion, distress and then wondering – what else is going to go wrong??
  3. Take immediate action and follow our proven and tested system that will almost guarantee you results… fast.


Option 3 is the ONLY way to fast track the results and being happy in your woman’s body in within minutes so you can start getting your health and good humour back.


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To your success…

Heather Bruce
The Natural Fertility Detective

P.S. Don’t forget you have absolutely nothing to lose, and only vital knowledge to gain that will help you start getting your healthy, worry free, happy pain free woman’s body on track within minutes

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